Introducing temtum, the future of cryptocurrency and digital payments

Adam Grist
09 May, 2019
  • Posted in Temporal Blockchain

At temtum (TEM) we believe in the power of blockchain and we believe it’s the future of finance. temtum is making this future a reality through meeting the existing requirements of cryptocurrencies and opening up the future opportunities in digital transactions that have yet to be discovered.

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies in existence, but critically none has yet succeeded as a form of payment used by millions around the world for everyday transactions. temtum represents a step change in the evolution of cryptocurrencies by solving the inherent problems faced by not only many existing cryptocurrencies but peer-to-peer blockchain networks as a whole. Where speed, scalability, security and high resource requirements are most pertinent and will continue to limit adoption.

temtum offers a future that does not destroy the environment. A future where everyone is included and given access. A future where the benefits of of cryptocurrencies are available to all.


Our Technology

The name ‘temtum’ represents a combination of two of the main concepts that underpin this technology: The Temporal blockchain (‘tem’) and quantum randomness (‘tum’).

The Temporal Blockchain, developed by Dragon Infosec, combined with temtum’s innovative Consensus Algorithms and AI powered Performance Integrity Protocol, removes network competition, drastically improves network efficiency and uses a source of light for quantum effect randomness.

The result is a fast, quantum secure, environmentally friendly and highly scalable payment coin that has been developed to both integrate into existing payment infrastructures and deliver as a standalone cryptocurrency, allowing even the most under resourced individuals to benefit from immediate, feeless transactions, no matter who or where they are in the world.

Temporal technology represents a paradigm shift from current blockchain networks as an evolutionary step for the next-generation of technology in the industry – and also offers significant advantages compared to other non-blockchain cryptocurrencies.

Temporal has been independently tested (BSI) and deployed into a live working network, providing the foundations for a fast, secure, highly scalable and environmentally conscious payment coin – temtum.

temtum’s proprietary Consensus Algorithms are truly new and inventive solutions to the industry’s most pressing pain points. temtum’s technology builds on previous blockchain theory but represents a significant evolutionary leap from previous technology, which delivers an enhanced experience in terms of speed, resource-use, energy costs, environmental impact and true decentralisation.

Our Story

temtum was founded by Dragon Infosec CTO Richard Dennis, working with his global team of cybersecurity and cryptography experts, Dr Gareth Owenson, Ginger Saltos and Cintya Aguirre.

Together we set out to resolve issues inherent in peer-to-peer networks, starting with Tor and Open Bazaar, and finally Bitcoin, before developing a new technology, Temporal, that can be used by and integrated with mainstream payment networks for and by ordinary people.

Richard took theoretical mathematics and academic research and developed it into the blockchain technology known as Temporal, owned by Dragon Infosec and perpetually licensed to temtum.

A world-class team Ginger Saltos, world-class cryptographer and temtum CTO, will lead the development team working closely with temtum founder and senior cryptography advisor Richard Dennis and CISO Dr Gareth Owenson.

They are joined by CEO Dr Doug Meakin, Director David Shimmon and the best brains in cryptography and blockchain, alongside a senior team rich in banking infrastructure, commercial acumen and financial services experience. The team has global coverage, with team members based in the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Ecuador and Belarus.

Our Objective

The fundamental values and principles of blockchain have been compromised in the cryptocurrency space due to inherent flaws in the existing technology. This has meant that blockchain cryptocurrencies have not delivered the user benefits they promised and, largely as a direct consequence of this, have failed to achieve widespread adoption.

temtum’s ambition is to be much more than a cryptocurrency that merely benefits speculators and which is only meaningfully used by tech-focused blockchain communities – it has an underlying purpose enabled by the most sophisticated and robust blockchain technology on the market: Temporal Blockchain developed and licensed by Dragon Infosec.

temtum builds on the significant opportunities of blockchain technology and overcomes many of the existing limitations faced by current peer-to-peer networks, which means that they have only been adopted in a limited way.

We believe that temtum represents a remarkable new opportunity beyond even a step-change for blockchain and the first mass-adoption of a cryptocurrency. In fact, we believe that temtum can form the basis of an entirely new – and better – way of structuring financial relationships that is more environmentally friendly, transparent, traceable, secure and reliable than existing cryptocurrencies.

temtum will be the most technologically advanced and globally preferred blockchain coin (TEM) and will set new standards in security, speed, resource requirements and scalability. temtum’s objective is to become the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world, adopted into mainstream payment markets by regular consumers and citizens on every continent.

It is far more than theory; it is a completed network that is ready for mainnet deployment. temtum is an efficient, quantum-secure, ultra-fast, non-resource intensive and environmentally friendly payment coin (using the acronym ‘TEM’), and an alternative to traditional fiat money (government-printed currency).

Dragon Infosec commercial objectives & temtum Dragon is in advanced discussions and has received letters of intent to implement sovereign digital currencies, based on its Temporal blockchain technology, in a number of states in Africa.

It is expected that all licence fees and any other revenues due to Dragon under such agreements will be transacted only in temtum thus increasing the transaction volume of TEM. Other products or business avenues developed by Dragon will also require payments to be completed in TEM.

It can be used on a standalone basis wallet-to-wallet, and can also be integrated into payment systems worldwide, serving as a payment platform for both consumers and businesses. Point-of-sale (POS) and mobile payment solutions have been developed and are ready to deploy once banking and payment providers are secured as partners.

The integration of temtum into online gaming and e-commerce sites has been demonstrated through the development of demo platforms and plugins, which can enable fast implementation with partners as part of our intended roadmap.

Our work in quantum randomness also ensures complete security. Exploring opportunities within existing markets such as gaming and e-commerce, has opened new opportunities for temtum to provide payment solutions to high transaction platforms, who will directly benefit from the innovations that underpin its proprietary technology.

temtum has established technical leadership and a dedicated team of developers who will continue to extend intellectual property development by executing our intended technical and integration roadmap. Included in these innovations are sharding and delegation, fiat money integration via existing banking infrastructures and smart contract capabilities.

Our Vision

We not only see a positive future for cryptocurrencies and digital payments, we have designed the technology, built it, tested it and mapped out how it will be implemented as the most effective medium of exchange.

Our groundbreaking cryptocurrency has been fully developed, deployed and tested and is ready for full integration with existing payment systems to ensure the seamless adoption of temtum by regular consumers.

Our vision is a positive one, we believe that temtum will not only transform the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets; it will make the world a better place for more people. That is our purpose and we have a truly world-class and dedicated team that is fully committed to achieving it.

We invite you to join us on our exciting journey to the future of finance. We have outlined all this and more in our white paper, which you can view here. We’d be delighted to hear from you to ask questions and learn more about temtum.