TEM's integration into gaming platform Roobet, alongside a $500,000 giveaway

Adam Grist
01 August, 2019
  • Posted in Use Cases

temtum is happy to announce the integration of TEM into gaming platform Roobet alongside a $500,000 giveaway campaign to distribute our currency to active gamers.

temtum & Roobet

At temtum we’ve always known our technology is the perfect disruptor for gaming payments, where cryptocurrencies and particularly utility tokens have failed to see significant adoption, mostly due to their features not improving anything for players or casinos.

Feeless, instant transactions will enable players to stake wallet to wallet, without the need to deposit or withdraw funds. This will revolutionise the gaming industry and temtum are following a process of taking one step at a time to achieve these goals - first up, Roobet.

This partnership with Roobet has enabled a demonstration of integrating TEM, utilising the temtum API and educating the first of many casinos on what’s involved to accept the temtum currency. We’re ready, Roobet are ready and many more gaming platforms and players will begin to experience the benefits for all involved.

The Roobet Giveaway

In order for an integration of a brand new currency such as TEM to work on a gaming platform, it must be distributed to as many players as possible. This has led to the creation of Roobet’s biggest ever giveaway, $500,000 in TEM.

A basic structure for gamers to earn TEM is in place, with immediate gaming available across all Roobet games:

Deposit Matching - Deposit $50 and we’ll reward you with 100% in TEM (you must bet 20x the amount matched to withdraw TEM)

TEM Deposit Bonus - We’ll automatically increase your TEM deposit of any amount by 25% in TEM. TEM can be purchased from CoinAll.

Tournament Prizes - Compete against our top gamers to win $3000 a week in TEM.

Twitter Giveaways - Follow @roobet on twitter and take part in our twitter only giveaways.

Activity Raffle + more

Founder and CEO, Richard Dennis MSc, said:

“We can’t wait to get started with Roobet and see temtum in an environment where it’s core features are so easily demonstrated. The cryptocurrency industry knows that gaming has been craving the adoption of crypto for some time but among a bunch of failed gambling tokens, even leading technologies such as Bitcoin and Ether have not offered suitable solutions.

“TEM can now be used on a leading online casino with instant and feeless deposits, the same currency we hope they will be using for everyday purchases in the near future, while existing and new gamers will get direct exposure to a new currency that we see as an alternative mainstream form of payment.”

Chris Kanze, CEO of Roobet said:

“We think cryptocurrencies are the future of gaming and we’re ready for the next generation of players. This partnership is key to offering a fast and secure way of playing on the site, using methods that are easily accessible and will revolutionise the way in which our clients play. The bonuses for our players also offer significant rewards and support the distribution of a coin that did not take the route of an ICO or a public sale.”