Ultra lightweight, quantum secure decentralised network: Redefining the boundaries of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to empower financial freedom - temtum (TEM)

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Nex Gen Blockchain Built For

Speed. Scalability. Low Resource. Security.

temtum is a proven, lightweight, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency where anyone can support the Temporal Blockchain network, creating a new world of financial freedom away from centralised institutions.

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Low Energy

A unique consensus algorithm that does not require high end computing hardware to confirm transactions makes Temporal a greener blockchain solution.

Block Data

Data is not required by nodes to be stored locally forever on machines, making Temporal highly efficient and extremely lightweight.


Zero embedded transaction costs on the network, making temtum a powerful cryptocurrency for high volume trades and transactions.


With block confirmation taking just 12 seconds, 5 blocks per minute, TEM transactions are near instant no matter the amount being sent.


Ever Increasing Speed

The speed of the Temporal network is unrivalled by any existing blockchain technology, with 120,000 TPS achieved in our lab environment and theoretically unlimited, directly influenced by the scale of the network.

The ultra-lightweight architecture, efficiency and consensus of transactions on Temporal leads to incredible verification speed.


Low Resource Nodes

Temporal allows for short term data storage on nodes, while keeping the integrity of the blockchain and its full history. With our consensus algorithm, transactions are no longer required to be sent to every node, instead sent directly to the leader node. Therefore, no wasted resources spent in the needless duplication of messages.

This reduction in storage and processing power makes participation in the network from low-resourced devices possible, whilst using less energy than existing blockchain technology.


Quantum Secure

Uniquely constructed around the NIST beacon, Temporal broadcasts full-entropy bit-strings in blocks of 512 bits every 60 seconds. This stable method for generating randomness, unpredictability, autonomy, and consistency creates a key theoretically impossible to precompute. Temporal's quantum mechanics and the use of light over processors, creates a level of randomness never before experienced in computing.

Temporal network topology and security implementation has been tested by Crest accredited firm BSI multiple times and found to be highly secure and robust and validates our claims.

Low Resource

Consensus Algorithm

Our consensus algorithm removes the requirement for mining, eliminating the need for highly wasteful and restrictive consensus mechanisms such as Proof of Work.

Proof of work currently requires trillions upon trillions of pointless energy intensive computational calculations in order to confirm transactions.

With our unique consensus algorithm we reduce this to a single calculation which each node can independently calculate and arrive at the same result.


We've spent the past 5 years researching Blockchain and boast the only Blockchain PhD as part of our founding team. This research led to the development of the superior Temporal Blockchain, compared below to what is currently considered the leading technology in the industry.


Academic years of research


Published research papers


World renowned cryptography experts





Transactions Per Second - Live Network120,000 TPS
2 week live test, 1000 global nodes
live network
10,000 global nodes
demonstrated stress test
No public live network10,000
3 minute private test, 3 nodes
Confirmation Time12 seconds60 minutes10 secondsNo public live networkUnknown
ArchitectureTemporal BlockchainBlockchainDistributed Acyclic GraphHashgraphBlockchain
Consensus AlgorithmPatented low energyProof of WorkDelegated Proof of StakeDistributed ConsensusProof of Stake
SecurityProven quantum resistanceKnown quantum vulnerabilitiesKnown quantum vulnerabilitiesResearch not conductedResearch not conducted
ResourcesNo hardware requirementsHigh local CPU & storage hardware requirementsHigh local storage hardware & bandwidth requirementsHigh local storage hardware & bandwidth requirementsHigh local storage hardware requirements
ScalabilityHorizontal & vertical scalingNo scalingNo scalingHorizontal scaling No scaling
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TemporalWhite Paper

The technology behind temtum is already fully developed including mobile and web applications, which are described fully in this document. The temtum network has gone through Beta and test network stages already and will be fully deployed as a main network on launch date.

Our whitepaper is now available for review, with details on our Temporal blockchain, temtum network and currency, cryptography, technology integrations, team, road map and competition.

Our Experts

Richard Dennis and Dr Gareth Owenson have multiple, international publications across cryptography and peer to peer network technologies.

Research Papers

Blockchain and cryptocurrency research papers from the team are available for download via Portsmouth University publication hub & temtum.

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Press Articles

Explore the latest developments in our Temporal Blockchain, TEM cryptocurrency, cyber security and cryptography in our blog articles.

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Over the past 5 years, the Temporal Blockchain has been researched and developed to the point we now have a working product that’s an evolution of the entire Blockchain technology. Our road map goes back in time, whilst outlining the future for temtum.

It’s Cryptocurrency.Evolved.