Combative collectivism.

We believe in a decentralised financial future where banks are irrelevant and the people hold the power. We will fight the status quo to make this happen.

We exist to continually define the boundaries of the blockchain and evolve its capability with our Temporal technology.

For cryptocurrency, blockchain needs to take the next step in its evolution and this how temtum will do it. temtum can help secure a truly distributed, decentralised and democratic future for finance where transactions are secure, traceable, transparent using the quantum attack resistant architecture that our experts are world leaders in.

This is the future that does not destroy the environment and this is the future that will be here soon. Designed by us, the technology has been built and tested and the implementation mapped out on how this will apply to the real world. This paper will show you how.


Academic years of research


Published research papers


Cryptography experts

Our Focus

We don’t just speculate; we dream big and make it happen. We’ve already made it a reality.

Mobile Applications

Wallets on both Android and Apple.


Keyboard Payments

Send and receive TEM via apps like Whatsapp and Telegram.


Web Wallet

Create an account and manage your temtum funds.


SMS Transfers

The SMS system allows for instant transfers.


You think now is good?
Wait until you see the future.

We have a first class team working alongside our experts, continually pushing the boundaries of blockchain and evolving its capabilities with our Temporal technology.

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