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issues and peer to peer networks from Tor to OpenBazaar, the temtum team regularly provide deep insight across our documentation, blog and published papers. We provide insight, research and answers to some of the industries most troubling questions, while keeping all updated on the progress of our Temporal Blockchain and temtum.

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Explore the Temporal Blockchain that underpins the temtum cryptocurrency and find out how it works.

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The beacon uses quantum effects to generate a sequence of truly random values, guaranteed to be unpredictable.

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Download our White Paper for an in depth overview of temtum and our Temporal Blockchain technology.

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Our tech and cryptography teams often provide industry leading insight across crypto, cybersecurity and blockchain technology.

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Our academic team have numerous published papers on peer to peer networks, cryptography and blockchain technology available here.

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The most asked questions about temtum are answered in our FAQ section.

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Come and meet our industry leading team with a rich history in cryptography and the commercial sectors.

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