Introducing Temporal

temtum (TEM) Powered by Temporal Blockchain

Why Temporal

We have not only seen this positive future – we have designed the technology, built it, tested it, and mapped out how we will implement it in the real world. The future is coming.





Introducing Temporal

Speed. Scalability. Low Resource. Security.

The temtum network achieves truly decentralised scalability, near instant transaction speeds and unprecedented transaction throughput, using low resources and future-proof cryptographic security.

About temtum
5 Years in Development

Temporal provides the fundamental elements of our technology and blockchain network.

Our improved network routing, removal of the block size limits, and a system architecture that ensures a single, randomly selected node confirms all transactions for 60 second makes the only limitation to transaction throughput the hardware and bandwidth of network participants.

This is shown by the fact that we have demonstrated simulated transaction throughput speeds of 120,000 transactions per second in a laboratory environment.

Our Products

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Available Products

The Temporal network, with its unique and stable method for generating randomness, via the open-source NIST Beacon, becomes highly secure and impossible to predict, a world first and most secure solution of any existing currency.

Mobile Applications

Wallets on both Android and Apple.


Keyboard Payments

Send and receive TEM via apps like Whatsapp and Telegram.


Web Wallet

Create an account and manage your temtum funds.


SMS Transfers

Search by block hash, index or transaction hash.


Temporal Blockchain

World Class Innovation in Payment Systems

Rather than building from the top down, we are harnessing the genuinely democratic and decentralised ethos of blockchain and building from the bottom up, by directly addressing the problem of almost two billion people in the world without access to banking services. temtum can help to bring useful financial services to this enormous global segment.

Resilience to an Attack

temtum represents a paradigm shift from current blockchain networks.

Proof-of-work blockchain networks rely on the decentralisation of hashing power to ensure network security – an attacker that is able to gain control over more than 51% of the resources of any given proof-of-work blockchain would be able to execute a successful double spend attack with a high probability of success. This is sometimes called a Sybil attack.

To eliminate the threat of a Sybil attack, the temtum reputation and monitoring system ensures that attackers cannot simply add more resources to the network over the course of one hour, as is possible with contemporary proof-of-work blockchain networks. An attacker would need to add additional resources to the temtum network and operate them in an honest manner over a period of 6-12 months before such an attack could be conducted.

In order to execute a successful Sybil attack on the temtum network, an attacker would need to control over 50% of the authority nodes on the network, as well as determine the NIST Randomness Beacon value in advance.

System Architecture
Core Features

How temtum (TEM) works

The temtum network achieves future-proof cryptographic security, extremely fast transaction speeds, energy efficiency, unprecedented transaction throughput, and true decentralized scalability.

temtum is our token to be used as the method of exchange for goods and services using the Temporal Blockchain network.

NIST Beacon

We heavily utilize the NIST Randomness Beacon in the temtum consensus algorithm and as a timestamp in block generation. The NIST Randomness Beacon removes the need for energy-intensive Proof of Work consensus and eliminates the possibility of a fork in the blockchain or a double spend. temtum is the first cryptographic protocol to commercially deploy a successful implementation of a random number generated by the NIST Randomness Beacon.

temtum Consensus Algorithm

We define a small subset of nodes which function as semi-trusted authority nodes. The number of semi-trusted authority nodes, a list of which ships with the temtum software, scales with network load. The function of semi-trusted authority nodes within the temtum ecosystem can be compared to the presence of similar nodes in the Tor decentralised peer to peer privacy network, which uses “directory authorities.”

Temporal Blockchain

Temporal technology provides the temtum network with a "deletable" blockchain, distributing blockchain data storage across a range of specialized nodes in order to allow low-powered devices to participate in the temtum network.


Read The temtum White Paper

Our whitepaper is now available for review, with details on our Temporal blockchain, temtum network and currency, cryptography, technology integrations, team, road map and competition.

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Read Our Research Papers

We've spent the past 5 years researching Blockchain and boast the only two Blockchain PHD's as part of our founding team. Read our research here.

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