How quantum supremacy could kill enterprise blockchains and solutions from temtum

29 February, 2020
  • Posted in Blockchain
  • The growth of quantum computing poses various risks to enterprise blockchains.
  • Temtum’s Enterprise Division propriety quantum-resistant blockchain protocol guards blockchain against the dangers of quantum computing.

Quantum computing is picking up the pace across the world, however, with it are the dangers of quantum supremacy. For this reason, temtum, a quantum-resistant, highly scalable as well as green cryptocurrency network has announced the launch of its own Enterprise Division that will ensure that blockchains are in the future protected against quantum supremacy.

Businesses and their executives are realizing and considering blockchain technology a key factor in their success. The executives are concentrating on various blockchain features such as security and low risk. At the same time, developments in quantum computing heighten the chances of foretelling software-generated values. In other words, this development presents significant security risks and concerns regarding the increasing number of enterprise blockchains.

To solves this, temtum has come up with “a proprietary quantum-resistant blockchain protocol” that offers flexible execution via the newly-established Enterprise Division. It achieves this through the use of “entanglement to generate provable random numbers that are virtually impossible to predict." In regards to this development, temtum CEO, Richard Dennis said:



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