São Tomé and Príncipe Government in talks with Temtum Group on future blockchain projects

Richard Dennis
Richard Dennis
14 November, 2022
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Prime Minister Bom Jesus met with the innovative blockchain provider to discuss a range of initiatives including Central Bank Digital Currency and a range of education projects.

São Tomé [DATE]: São Tomé and Príncipe Prime Minister, Jorge Bom Jesus, has been in talks with UK-headquartered blockchain provider, Temtum Group, to discuss Temtum supporting a number of initiatives that will boost the economy and ensure that citizens are able to benefit from the cutting edge Web3 technology.

The Government is looking into a number of blockchain providers to investigate how a Central Bank Digital Currency could be implemented in the country and how it would benefit the people of Sao Tome.

Temtum’s Temporal Blockchain is the leading global product for CBDC creation and other government-backed payment systems. Its low-cost CBDC payment system facilitates transfers between individual customers and business through non-smartphones without holding a bank account. CBDCs can therefore improve widespread access to financial services.

The Government is also in talks with Temtum Group to discuss how its Temporal Blockchain can be used in higher education.

São Tomé and Príncipe Prime Minister, Jorge Bom Jesus, commented: “We have had a number of interesting discussions with Temtum Group about how its Temporal Blockchain can help to improve the lives of São Toméan people. We are impressed with Temtum’s technology and look forward to further talks in the future.”

Temtum Group CEO, Richard Dennis, added: “The engagement that we have had with Prime Minister, Jorge Bom Jesus, and the São Toméan Government is testament to the country’s proactive outlook to new, innovative technology. A partnership between Temtum Group and the São Tomé and Príncipe Government can open a new world of financial freedom for the country’s people, while ensuring that the country has the infrastructure for a sustainable future”.

About Temtum Group

Temtum Group is a UK headquartered advanced technology business that has developed its own innovative advanced blockchain protocol and cryptography. Our Temporal Blockchain is ultra-fast, quantum secure, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, highly scalable and works on very low resourced devices. It is fully operational utilising our settlement token TEM which is a sustainable payment coin.