Rep on the Roll: A Peer to Peer Reputation System Based on a Rolling Blockchain

Richard Dennis, Dr Gareth Owenson
01 March, 2016
  • Posted in Research Papers

This paper presents the first generalized reputation system that can be applied to multiple networks that is based on the blockchain. We first discuss current reputation systems, conducting a critical analysis of their current security vulnerabilities, before looking at how new blockchain-based technologies are used.

We propose an innovative new reputation system that is based on blockchain technologies and which aims to solve many unanswered questions in the current generation of reputation systems, as well as blockchain systems in general. We then consider the limitations of such a system, before using simulations and analyses to demonstrate methods of overcoming these limitations, and in doing so, provide a possible solution to a fundamental issue in blockchain-based networks; scalability.

We conclude by suggesting areas for future studies, and summarizing our findings.

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