Blockchain Research

We've spent the past 5 years researching Blockchain and boast the only Blockchain PhD as part of our founding team. This research led to the development of the superior Temporal Blockchain, compared below to what is currently considered the leading technology in the industry.


Academic years of research


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World renowned cryptography experts

Research Papers

A Temporal Blockchain: A Formal Analysis

  • in Research Papers
  • 06 March, 2017
Richard Dennis, Dr Gareth Owenson

Rep on the Roll: A Peer to Peer Reputation System Based on a Rolling Blockchain

  • in Research Papers
  • 01 March, 2016
Richard Dennis, Dr Gareth Owenson

Breaking open the Bazaar: identifying and exploiting key weaknesses in the OpenBazaar network

  • in Research Papers
  • 10 December, 2015
Richard Dennis, Dr Gareth Owenson


Richard Dennis, Msc
Founder & CEO
Dr Gareth Owenson PhD, BSc